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Make it a happy 2013!

Obviously there's thousands and thousands of Happy New Year wishes on the internet already, but I do like to add my own: that 2013 is going to be a happy year for you indeed. That you may live through the year in a healthy, succesfull, dream fullfilling, luck overflowing and warm family feelings kind of way. Make it as happy as you can and enjoy every moment of it! Having wholeheartedly said that, I do have to admit (and this may be just me) that I feel a bit 'astranged' from this 2013number. I am not sure if it's the millennium change only now sinking in, the fact that I am turning 41 this year, or if it is the ...13 and the fact that we won't see the 12-12-12's, 11-11-11's and 04-04-04's etc. till next century... Anyways, it is of no importance: let's just celebrate life as it wonderfully is! So here's me, sharing with you, the traditional Dutch treat to celebrate the year's end and beginning: oliebollen (balls of spongy dough with raisins and apple, fried in oil and eaten on the 31st of December and 1st of January -admittedly, the second day usually a bit less tasty- with powder sugar). To many photo's made, blog posts written and information-that-comes-to-my-mind shared!

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