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Summer at Saint Pierre

I am going through my summer vacation photo's and was reminded of how wonderful those weeks were. Three weeks of sun we had in La Douce France. First we enjoyed the hospitality provided by Hein and Jacqueline during our two weeks at Domaine Saint Pierre in the Languedoc close to Pézenas. Here's proud 'Hondje' next to Hein's ancient Renault4. And we finished our vacation with one week at Mas Sainte Cécile in the Camargue - a 10minutes drive from Arles. Yes, the town where Vincent van Gogh lived. During our two weeks at Saint Pierre we met a bunch of wonderful people, or families rather, that we spent our time with. My daughters enjoyed their mornings, afternoons and evenings with all the girls running about, and we enjoyed the pool or dinner with our son Pierrick and the girls' parents. One of those families was Family Van Ekelenburg, or rather Jilles, Sigrid, Nout & Lizet. I shot a number of pictures of them. Especialliy Lizet, Nout & their friends during an evening of BBQ-ing, playing, dancing and fun. A wonderful summer, great memories (of which I will share more later) and definitely a place to return to (which we will... next summer!).


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