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Beachy moments

What wonderful 2 days we had here in the Netherlands! And as it was the weekend, me and my family went to have a few beachy moments. The first of 2012. And so happy to live close to the sea and have those precious moments at the ready whenever I feel like having them. And living in the Netherlands, those 'sunbaked' beachy moments are rare - whether on cold days, or warm ones. It was a great cure against the 'end-of-year'-blues I always suffer from in January. Having lost the Christmas tree for another 360some days always does that to me. The feeling of having lost something.... It takes a week or so and then I come to realize that there's so much to look forward to in the upcoming year, and those beachy moments inspire the first of this year's future memories: a weekend on the island Texel, skiing in Austria with my 6 and 3 year old, Philippine's 7th birthday, Easter at my parents, Pierrick's ever expanding vocabulary, dinners with friends, Josephine going to school when she turns 4 in May, Xavier's birthday (alas, 42), Mother's Day (and yes, the Father as well), ballet perfomance, summer holidays in spent in France (yes, another summer), me reaching the big 4 0, the biking evening at school, Pierrick's 2nd birthday - by which he walks of course, Sinterklaas on the roof and then... Christmas ... and much more. But let us start at the beach, yesterday. Philippine was at a friend's birthday party. So we went just the four of us (and about xx1000 other people, let's not over-romantisize of course) for a stroll and a hot choclate, and apple crumble pie, and brownie at Tijn Akersloot and then back. Simple as that. If you want to see more of our moments: Flickr Beach

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